Setup For Success 7 Basic Levels

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What You Get: As soon as you begin you will have instant access to Level 1 Website Essentials. Here is where you will learn-- ***how to setup your own domain, register a domain name, point the domain name to the hosting service, protect your ownership information and I will share what I have found to be the most cost effective and best
quality services for these tasks.***

What is expected of you:

  • Be Serious About Growing Your Business And Be A Contributing Member Of The Paycation Lifestyle VIP Training!
  • You understand that I’ve taken many years to learn, perfect and organize this knowledge, and you agree to treat this training program with the utmost respect and proprietary honor.
  • You agree and give me your word that you’ll complete all of the training sessions and give it your best.
  • You agree to do all of your assignments and tasks, and implement the lessons you learn in my action steps and business setup for success.
  • You agree to participate fully in this program by passing back and passing on any improvements you are able to make as you discover them.
  • You agree that you are investing in this program with your “eyes open” – meaning that you are not registering out of desperation – and that you can afford it and other necessary small business expenses.
  • You understand that this is going to be FUN, intensive work, and you're ready for the challenge!

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If for any reason during the next full 365 Days, you find this training to be ineffective or unsatisfactory, you can request a complete refund. I am taking all the risk for the next year. I believe that it is virtually inevitable for anyone that implements this system to create real wealth and attain to a higher level of freedom. And you have a full 365 Days to prove this system works for you or not.

Setup For Success 7 Basic Levels

Setup For Success 7 Basic Levels

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