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Simple Ultimate Business Blueprint

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Besides sharing my own MLM marketing system mind map here, I also have a free PDF download about how to secure your entire business future from potential failure.

As you may know, the U.S. federal government has been putting the MLM industry under increased scrutiny and prosecution lately. So I found it highly beneficial to research and write a special report for you to read and share with all those you know in the business.

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MLM Business Blueprint

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Please take notice of the first item in the multi-level business blueprint above. Notice it says "Viral Lead Magnet." That is what I give away to start my sales and lead generation funnels. The reports, mind maps, blueprints, videos and guides I share all have links back to where they were downloaded from. They also have social sharing links embedded in them to give them a viral effect.

The reason I want to point this out is because it is a part of the tactics I teach in the training program I offer. The other thing I would like you to know is, when you take advantage of my tutorials, you also get all the viral lead magnets I create and have already created to build your own diversified business portfolio like I teach. You get the editable, rebrandable, private label rights version to make them your own when you join my VIP Training membership. You will also get access to all the products I create and sell separately, now and in the future, as long as you are a member. But you can check that out after you have a look at what I am giving you today.

You can use my viral lead magnets as your own when you join my VIP Training Membership. With them you will be able to build subscriber lists on all the below listed niche topics.
The niche markets I cover so far with my viral lead magnets are:

  • MLM Business Opportunities
  • Self Development
  • Business Development
  • Make Money Online
  • How To Get Paid To Travel The World
  • Info Product Creation
  • Self Funded Lead Generation
  • Conversion Optimization

And Many More To Come...

To learn more and take advantage of some of my free viral lead magnets, sign up to my free subscribers list with the form at the bottom of this page. I have a lot to share and would love to share it with you.‚Äč

And finally, I am opening up an affiliate program for my VIP Training Membership where you can earn 100% commission on the monthly membership. So if you sell one membership, yours is basically paid for.

If you signup as a member at $19. per month you get PLR (Private Label Rights) License to all the viral lead magnets I create  and all the guides in the whole course. You would be free to modify, rebrand and use them to build your own lists and create your own training program.

But the membership advantages don't stop there. You would also be illegible to get a 100% commission to all the products I ever offer on this site. My plan is to continually add more products as we go, so you will get a notification of what they are and where to get them as they become available.

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But, what if you could have a pack of viral lead magnets for your own lead generation? Edit them with your contact info and links to your page. Rebrand them with your photo, name and logo.  Rewrite the text.

Have you heard the phrase "Self Funding Proposal"? You guessed it, that's what this is. This is how you get paid to build your prospect list.

Below is a package of viral lead magnets with PLR (Private Label Rights) License for you. It consists of 3 Very Eye Catching free giveaway products.

Plus, as a SPECIAL  BONUS I am including a course on product creation. It is not a free product or lead magnet but it will show you how to make your own information products to give away or sell. It is a $19 product alone.

#1 FTC vs MLMs: A Special Report

#2 BONUS: Rapid Product Creation Blueprint

#3 Simplest Lead Generation Program Ever Invented

#4 Ultimate Viral Leads and Sales Funnel Mind Map


You already have free instant access to the first viral lead magnet so you can look to see the quality of products I have created. Some are bigger than others but they all have very compelling information and magnetic titles. To order your bundled package just click the order button below. It's quick, easy and secure.

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