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As I was recently spying on some of the new top marketers, I came across this little gem of information. After all I do it myself... When we are actively creating products, doing research, almost anything at all with regards to online work, we use cheat sheets. I believe everyone does it. And as PROOF, I captured this little snippet from an A team player in the Internet marketing space.

Real Marketers Use Their Own Notes... "Cheat Sheets"

All These Cheat Sheets Have Been Compiled To Maximize
Your Time and Efficiency

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7 Professional Cheat Sheets

  • Niche Finders Cheat Sheet
  • Newbies Start Up Cheat Sheet
  • WP Blog Setup Cheat Sheet
  • Affiliate Product Cheat Sheet
  • Sales Copy Cheat Sheet
  • Business Building Cheat Sheet
  • Keyword Research Cheat Sheet

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And so the debate began...

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Some see it's white and gold and some see it blue and black.
But that's Okay, because people just see things differently.

And that's lucky for you. See, because everyone sees things differently
They all have different tastes, wants, needs and desires. Yours wont be just like mine.
So because of that, I am including PLR (Private Label Rights) to this package for free!

You'll get the editable version along with the PDF version in the package.
After you use these cheat sheets you will want to edit them to fit your needs.

Plus as I create more for my own use, I will pass them along to you.
As long as you stick with me, I will share what's working for me.

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Ultimate Newbies Cheat Sheets Package with ((PLR)

Including PLR Use

"This is a great, detailed bundle of cheat sheets of everything you need to create a niche site business, only it shows you what order to build it in to maximize time and efficiency step-by-step. These tools are very helpful not only to the newbies but also to the more experienced internet marketers. It brings a structural approach in analysis and deciding what is eventually a better idea than another based on hearsay or gut feelings. It helps you put it all together."