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Hi I’m Alvin Curren and please allow me to present to you, my Favorite Free Marketing Tools and Productivity Strategies To Get More Done! This list of tools and tips comes with brief explanations of why they are some of my top picks and how they can benefit you in practical ways.

So you spend hours online, surfing, checking emails and Posting on Facebook...

But then what? How do you get anything done. Or what about actually producing measurable results?
Just getting an idea, won’t make people take action and wont accomplish your goals.

That’s where the Top 25 Free Marketing Tools and Productivity Strategies comes in. This is an easy to read strategy and reference guide which not only helps you solve your procrastination problems, but actually guides you to spend the productive hours you need to complete your projects.

Imagine having the power to stay focused for hours at a time or get 10 times more done in a day than you have in a month. Well with the Top 25 Free Marketing Tools and Productivity Strategies, now you can.

This Guide gives you the tools and tips to become productive, avoid distractions while tracking your progress. But here’s where the power truly lies:

  • Gain real ground toward your goals
  • Have something to show for your time spent
  • Be proud of what you accomplish
  • Give back value to the world
  • Get rewarded for your work
  • Stay focused on priorities
  • Discover why to-do-lists are bad

True Story...

This guy was so desperate to get his focus and productivity under control that he hired a girl from Craigslist to sit beside him at an internet cafe while he worked and watch what he was doing. And if he got off task she was suppose to slap him, and she did. It was her job! He even paid her $8 bucks an hour to do it!

But hey, you don't have to go to that extreme. Just use these handy tools I share inside the guide and avoid the pain and humiliation of being slapped in public. Get full details of this crazy true story inside the guide...

Free Marketing Tools

But that does NOT have to be you. Don't be that guy. It is much easier, and less painful as you'll soon see. Even this same guy eventually learned to use a couple of tools like are in this guide to get focused, only mine are free.

You'll get 59 pages of inspiration and guidance with graphically illustrated content, while sharing real world strategies. Plus with every new tool, you have the power to get more done and learn new skills. Plus Bonuses of course...

So you no longer have to spend endless amounts of time, energy and frustration just trying to find the right tools that work. With the Top 25 Free Marketing Tools and Productivity Strategies your goals will become reality.

A Few Of The Tools You Will Get To See Inside

  • Multiple Image Editing and Screen Capture Programs
  • Video Capture Tool That Solves The Sound Card Not Found Issue
  • Autoresponder Program That Takes 2000 Subscribers Free (Not A Trial)
  • Free Open Source Software As An Alternative To Microsoft Office
  • Super Powerful Audio Studio Mixing, Recording and Editing Software
  • Create Ebook From Any Page You Find Online With This Program
  • Multiple Free Cloud Storage and File Sharing Programs
  • Free Open Source Photo Editing Software That Rivals Photo Shop
  • Personal and Team Time Tracking and Outsource Payment Software
  • Project, Task, Check List and Organizational Programs In The "Cloud"
  • Instant Form Filling and Password Keeper Utility
  • Several Amazing Online Competition Spying Programs
  • Mega Data Scraping and Content Finding Software
  • And Many More...

Increased Productivity

"Increased My Productivity to 84% in just the first 30 minutes!"

Where it not for the strategies and software found in this guide, I would have had no idea what my activity levels were or how to improve them. As you can see in the image above, I increased my work activity levels to 84%.

The bottom line is this, if you don't know your numbers, you you can't measure your improvements.

Please take 5 seconds to answer these questions so you can decide better.

1. Which of the following benefits of increased productivity is most important to you?
2. What do you intend to do with the extra free time you will get?

3. How would you best describe your work status?

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With all the tools and strategies in this guide you will learn what I have learned:

If you have ever had so many different tasks to complete, or tasks which
appeared to be beyond your capabilities, you know what it is like to feel that it is
impossible. When these kinds of tasks are within your range of responsibility,
there are some positive ways in which you can approach them. You may find
that you really can do the impossible.


If you are not completely impressed with what I have put together after you go through all the resources and strategies, I don't want your money. If this information and the value provided isn't worth 10 times your investment simply send me an email with the subject line Refund and copy your receipt and I will send it back, no questions asked.

You have NOTHING to lose. All the risk is on me. If you don't like it I'll buy it back.