Paycation Definition

Paycation Definition, Not What You Think


When I first heard the term, "paycation" it sort of humored me. But then I thought maybe it was talking about a paid vacation. And that  wasn't far off the mark. So I decided to do my own research and see what I could find from a paycation expert or at least a few authoritative resources on the subject.

Here is what I found. First I want to start with the most common definitions for paycation and then I will give you my final conclusion.

Urban Dictionary- Top Definition of Paycation
"Making money (unintentionally) while on vacation.
I just turned this vacation, into a paycation."
by johnny bravooo July 06, 2009

Next we get a little more technical...

Paycation Definition from the Business Dictionary
"A vacation during which an individual performs work to earn extra income. This strategy may be used when an individual's full time employer does not permit employees to receive payment in lieu of unused vacation hours. Paycations may involve independent contracting (freelance work) or taking on additional hours at an existing second job."

What other sources say a Paycation is?
A paycation is when an employee takes paid vacation from his or her employer and works at another job.

How it works- Example:
Let's say John Doe has earned two weeks of paid vacation at Company XYZ. He takes two weeks off in December, and during that time he takes a job as a seasonal retail worker at a local department store.

Why it Matters:
Paycations are ways to earn extra money. Essentially, the employee earns four weeks of pay in two weeks. Paycations can involve almost any kind of temporary work.

What I, a certified travel consultant and paycation expert says paycation means:

Not to say that any of the above definitions are wrong, because they all can be right in their own given situation. But my own understanding goes a bit deeper having been in the paycation business over a year now.

To me, paycation means you get paid while living a life of full time travel by utilizing several modern tactics to fund your lifestyle. So a paycation is not just a one time isolated event. It is a way of living. Hence the full name, paycation lifestyle. Because I believe, if you can learn to make money while you are traveling, why not do it all the time?

So that leads to the rest of my site and how the whole process is done. There are multiple ways to get paid while you travel and there are many ways to travel for free and at extreme discount. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. What I have included in my whole system is also ways to get paid to help others travel and do this paycation lifestyle. What could be a better way to live?

Paycation definition, not what you think.