Want To Travel For Free?
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Let me show you not only how easy it is to get to visit the greatest hotels, theme parks, cruise lines, resorts and spas in the world - but also how to get there for free by air, ship and train - often in First Class

As a brief introduction, I will share just a few of the ways people travel for free now days...

Method 1: Travel Writing and Photography

Travel writing is one of the most glamorous jobs in the world - it's also one of the most fun - and it is easy to do! Relatively speaking it's easy, it is what some people do just for the fun of it.

World-renowned travel writers and photographers enjoy some of the best perks in the world.

There  is a particular insider that we know of that has published his own personal memoirs and gone into great detail about his sources and methods on how to travel for free:

You'll have seen his videos on international TV, probably read his words online and in the newspapers - and now he not only shows you how easy it is for you to travel the world and stay in comfort for free, he also "spills the beans" with the contents of his contacts book.

He shows you how to immediately get legitimate access to the secret twice monthly PDF bulletin which lists the latest hotels, reports, airlines, even whole countries, all of whom want to pay for everything to get you to visit them!

He also supplies the full details of where to place your pictures or story - so you often get famous, too!

He lists places desperate for your reports (paying at least a dollar a word!) and / or pictures (paying $30 each - and upwards).

Yes, TV stations, newspapers and websites want your travel experiences AND they want your pictures!

You don't need some really expensive camera - almost all of your pictures ("pix" in the jargon) will be published online, so even your camera phone is perfect!

Videography for Travel Bloggers

In this fun to read, yet fact-packed edition, he takes you be the hand and shows you not only how easy it is to get to visit the greatest hotels, theme parks, cruise lines, resorts and spas in the world - but also how to get there for free by air - often in First Class.

Why would these places want to do this?

Every country, every hotel, every airline has a massive marketing budget - budgets that are actually increased in times of recession.

Advertising costs a fortune, especially on a national or international basis.

Travel Blog Success

But if you have a simple blog, can write a little about your experience, perhaps add a few pictures, you'll never pay to stay and travel again.

Now, this bit is important.

You do not need to be some fluent, fully trained writer.
You write about what you see, what you do, in normal everyday words.

This is because the resorts etc want "honest, everyday language" - as the public will trust it more - certainly more than any paid TV or Press advertising campaign.

There's another reason, too.

You will add a link to the hotel, resort, airline etc in your writing - which counts as a "backlink" to the site - it's a sort of vote, which Google and the other search engines love.

This moves the place you stay with / the company you travel with higher up the listings on Google - which is good for them - and your real opinion is much more trusted than any advertising or travel website!

Remember, you taking an extra seat (or two - take your partner / family in almost all cases) on an aircraft, a room in a hotel or a cabin on a cruise liner costs almost nothing to the supplier - but your comments are like pure gold to them!

Now, we'll let you in on a little extra secret.

At this point I can not reveal his real name - he would be ostracized by the other Travel Writers who sail and fly around the world for free if they know who he was!

They love their lifestyles and their secrets - and now you can, too.

Travel Blog Success

But Mr. X really reveals all - all the extras you can obtain (everything from free top of the range luggage to warm clothes (or swimsuits and sunglasses!) as these companies want publicity for their products too!). These are revealed in the top secret twice-monthly, free, newsletter.

As well as listing the people / departments to contact (emails / names / phone numbers as appropriate), he gives you full access to some private websites which list special "Press Trips."

These offer you the chance to travel with other website owners and get lots of extra - as well as travel from your local airport, the host meets you at the destination airport (in some countries, they meet you on board the aircraft after it lands - you are sat at the front, so that you can be priority disembarked and whisked, in a minibus or limo from the aircraft steps, through the VIP security section and straight to the resort.

Your bags mysteriously appear in your room before you do (they're priority disembarked, too!).

Your tickets are marked with a special three letter code (not VIP, in case you were wondering - more important than that!) which ensures that all the airline staff treat you to the best of everything.

At the resort / hotel/ cruise ship, you are whisked straight to the best facilities - no credit card deposits, nothing to pay for - everything is "comped" (jargon for "made complimentary").

Often, your local airport will "comp" your parking all while you're away - they want to make a good impression, too!

So, whether you want just to travel on your annual vacation with your family or you want to do as or mystery man does and explore the planet for one or two weeks every month, you can get his book right now - you could be traveling next week!

As Seen On Amazon

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Method 2: "Travel Hacking"

"Everyone wants to travel, but nobody can afford it."

Maybe like me, you've seen the crystal clear waters from the beaches of the Caribbean. I have been from the China Sea to the mountains of the Philippines all in one day, and it was exhilarating. You have been awed by all the natural beauty and have told yourself, I have got to have more of this. It just makes me feel more alive! How can I travel more often?

According to the 2012 US Census Bureau, 46.2 million Americans are living in poverty. Moreover, 38% of all American families live pay check to pay check and nearly a quarter of Americans (24%) say they have had trouble putting food on the table in the past 12 months.

Most Americans really have “vacation deficit disorder.”

In fact, only 39% of Americans even own a passport.

But, “Traveling... creates long lasting memories and bonds that you may not have otherwise forged. Travel helps personal relationships and it helps to create memories with children. Data shows that traveling can lead to a better sex life and reignite a relationship. Government meeting studies show that travel improves a child’s educational intake and roaming is a vital part of a family's life... new and original research [shows] the economic, societal, business and personal benefits of travel, demonstrating the real truth behind the "hidden" impacts that travel can have on us all.” The Travel Effect Campaign. http://traveleffect.com/about

But did you know there is a group of people traveling the world for free right under our noses that 99% of the world has never heard about? They're called "travel hackers." And they laugh at the average tourists stuck in long lines being harassed by the TSA while they use special passes to move right on by. Travel hacking is really just using shortcuts, uncommon strategies and working certain offers, promotions, and deals from the travel industry to guarantee they always fly cheap, free and in style. Oh, and it makes paying for a coach seat seem like a ridiculous insult.

Because of the elementary skills they learned and minor efforts they take, they have access to business and first class seats, elite travel lounges, the best seat selections, frequent upgrades, priority security and boarding passes, extra luggage allowances and the best service from airline staff. Travel hacking takes time, but not so much that it's a big hassle. And for free flights, upgrades and VIP treatment, it's worth it.

Method 3: Bartering Marketing Services

I know a guy that has stayed entire weeks at world famous resorts just for shooting and hosting short review videos for vacation property owners. As a matter of fact, I have bought both editions of his ebooks.

In Mike Carraway's own words:

"I have become a "youtube star" in vacation resort niche market. I kid you not...

Now - when I say "star" - I mean someone that people run up to and say "Hey! Can I get my picture with you?".

Really! - I am NOT making this up.

I spent 10 weekends in a tropical paradise among adoring fans. And I got paid to be there and PAID to do it.

In Just 10 Weeks...

Before this weird thing happened - NO ONE knew who I was in this market. In just 10 weeks, I used Internet Marketing tactics to not only become something of a local celebrity, but I also profited over $22,000 in those 10 weeks.

I am going to show you the exact videos I used, testimonials from "fans", and even a video from the person who PAID me to do it all.

I'm going to tell you the WHOLE STORY. (NOTHING is left out)

But first - check this out:

A lot of people talk about "living the dream" or "living the internet lifestyle".

I don't talk about it - I DO IT.

I've been doing it for the last 4 years.

I know that you are here reading this page looking for the KEY to unlock that kind of future for you. The seemingly elusive "Internet Lifestyle".

I' pretty sure you know what that means... enough money to do what you want, when you want to do it. It means online businesses that are almost hands-free that crank out profits daily. It means you are FREE from the 8 to 5 lifestyle that so much of this world is trapped in.

It means that YOU are in control of your time and your life. It means more BFF time, family time, beach time, holiday time, travel time... any kind of time! The best part is that you have the income to do all those things!"

But do you think video is all you can do?

No way! If there is anything done for any local business to help them market online, you can trade it for free services!

  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Marketing
  • Google Maps/ Places Plus
  • Mobile Web Optimization
  • App Development...

Do you get the idea?

Method 4: "Fam" Trips

"Fam trips" is the special Jargon of the travel consultant industry used to describe the Familiarization Trips that travel professionals get treated to in order to get them familiar with locations and destinations so they can more effectively sell them.

Not all "Fam Trips" are 100% free, but what you get winds up being a lot more than the average traveling public would ever experience. These traveling professionals get the royal treatment.

They get things like group tours, complimentary meals, all inclusive experiences, concierge services, butlers, limousines and private excursions...

There are also meetings to attend and workshops to get the important information the resort owners want the agents to go back home and publicize to their clientele. So it's not all play, it's also some work with the enjoyment. But overall very worth the perks.

Those are just four very brief examples of how you can travel the world for free.  You will get to learn all my tips, tricks and strategies to travel hack your way around the world for free. This is a part of my comprehensive travel training program you'll get a chance to take advantage of when you sign up today.

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