"They Laughed When I Said I Knew How To Get Paid To Travel The World, Then I Showed Them My Plan"

Now They're Not Laughing Anymore...

After I figured this all out, I decided to share it with you and as many as we can find that have the same dreams as me. Because this isn't about me so much as it's about whom we can all help together.

This is all about a program designed for the specific purpose of allowing us to have all the time and money we need to do whatever we would do if money were no object.

Money is not enough. Time alone is not enough. You have to have both time and money to accomplish the passion and vision that hides in your heart.

But to be more specific. This program was originally created to be a funding source for full time world travel. I believe it's safe to say that at the top of the list for most people is the dream of world travel. That just happened to be my dream and the reason this system was developed. The dream of unrestricted world travel is probably one of your dreams too. Am I right?

The very first part of this program is a self funded lead generation system first developed and used by the greatest minds in the marketing industry. Have you heard of the motivational speaker Tony Robbins? He uses this same system and earned over $500,000,000. Have you ever heard of Mike Dillard? He uses it and made his first million by the age of 27, built a little publishing company up to 15 employees and around $15 Million in revenue by age 30. And in less than 10 years Mike has earned over $50,000,000.  As a side note, I have been in his mentoring program since early 2014. You may have even heard of one of his books, Magnetic Sponsoring...

As a matter of fact, almost all of the major speakers, motivational coaches, information marketers and Internet "gurus" in the world use this same system I am willing to give you for *free. (*If you qualify)

Ever heard of Eben Pagan, Frank Kern? They use it. I could drop names for another 1000 words giving examples of people that use it today and people that have used it for generations.

How To Get Paid To Travel

How To Get Paid To Travel

Now I want to share it with you. And I'm doing it in the most transparent and simple to understand way possible. I just told you that's what we are doing now... It's been said that if someone is hungry it's better to teach them to fish rather than to give them a fish. I say it's better to do both. And that is what I'm going to do for you. I want to share the critical missing steps in most people's quest for a lifestyle type business.

There is a popular hypothetical question going around that goes like this; "If money were no object, what would you do?" If you really think about it, and answer that question for yourself, the logical answer is that you should do that thing.

...Whatever it is, whatever it takes, you should be doing what is in your heart, to follow your passion, to make you feel alive and enjoy your time on this planet. The free gifts I give are a part of a program. This article is the next part of the program. It is really very simple. It is a program designed to make your passions and dream the center of your life by sharing our gifts.

So this system is the way we make the answer to that hypothetical question a reality. If your dream is different, that's fine too. This same plan will work for anything you apply it to. As you follow along with each prompt, you will experience the whole program first hand. This isn't theory. You are in the middle of the program right now. And experience is the best teacher.

This is a Skills Based Business, It's Not Luck, Chance or Gimmicks!

The first and most important thing to get right being mindset, we will work on that extensively if needed. Even beginning here in this introduction, I share transformational concepts and idea generating suggestions. Because not being in the right place mentally and spiritually can be a source of constant self sabotage. That's why conditioning our heart, mind and will are at the center of our planning and implementation.

So here is a little of what you can expect as we start this journey...​

  • You will learn how to choose the perfect niche market and I'm going to give you the best niche markets in the world.
  • ​I will show you how to create a great free report and I will give you free reports that you can turn around and giveaway too.
  • ​You will see how to develop the best sales funnel and I will give you the best sales funnel that will build you a list of hungry prospects.
  • ​You will learn how to write compelling sales copy and I will give you many examples of great sales copy to tweak and use as your own.
  • ​I will share how to write attractive follow up emails and I will give you a series of follow up emails to warm your prospects to know, like and trust you.
  • ​You will get to see the best free autoresponder software and if you need help to set it up, I will do that too. I don't mean a free trial period. It's free until you are ready to upgrade to its paid superpowers.
  • ​And it goes on, website squeeze page, facebook ad campaigns, video creation, press releases, your own blog, real marketing skills training and it goes on...
  • ​​​​​​But so that you don't get overwhelmed, we start out very simple. We do one step at a time until you are generating reoccurring, automated income from several different sources.

Most people charge thousands of dollars for training like this. I don't do that. The free gifts I give and this article are my invitation to you to join me in this adventure to accomplish our dreams together. And it doesn't cost thousands of dollars.

My dream is to travel the world. I would be happy to have you as my guest and travel partner on my journeys in the near future. Or at least we could meet at one of the world's most famous destinations and share a meal together.

There are two ways to follow my system. The basic training program is the one that you start with and you can complete on your own schedule. An application process is used to see if you even need the basic training program. If by chance you already have all the basics setup for success, you may be able to skip to the front of the line and join my team right away.

We start off with very fundamental training and you can continue on to the advanced strategies or you can choose the free mentoring option as soon as it becomes available to you. Either way you get the same material. It's just that the free mentoring comes with some restrictions. In both training programs I share my best niche markets, my best products, I show you how to set everything up, I share my best lead sources and my best performing lead capture pages. To be eligible for the free mentoring, you would have to agree with my chosen basic business model in the 7th level presentation.

If after you give my chosen business model some serious consideration and you decide it isn't for you, then you have the option to continue on in the basics through to advanced levels of the online training course. This program covers everything you need to succeed with an online based business. I show you the quick and easy way. This will help you avoid many of the growing pains. Then we progress to advanced tactics used by online marketers on the cutting edge of today's technology.

I wanted a business model that passed what I call the "vacation lifestyle test." What that means is, if you go on an extended vacation, say weeks or even months at a time, would your business still be making you money when you got back? The answer for me had to be yes. Remember my goal to travel the world? That wouldn't be possible if I had to be constantly babysitting my business. That is why I have adopted the best parts of the best automated systems to incorporate into this one comprehensive program.

What will this system do?

This one system will generate leads, build a subscriber list, present multiple products, business opportunities and affiliate programs all on autopilot. It shows the sales presentations on autopilot, sends followup emails, trains my best prospects to do the same thing and gets me connected with the movers in my community. That means this is a completely replicable, scalable and automated, dynamic prosperity generation machine. It is just what you need to follow your dreams and then help others do the same.

Allow me to pose another hypothetical question. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? You see, the real reason people don't move on in pursuit of their dream is because they don't believe they will succeed. It is uncertainty that really kills your momentum. A sense of certainty, and to take it a step further, a sense of destiny is what can make it almost inevitable for you to accomplish your dreams.

If you knew with absolute certainty that what you were going to do next would succeed, what would you do? Let that sink in for a minute... Even if this isn't for you, I want to instill that kind of belief in you. I want you to believe for the sake of your dreams, that you can achieve what you have in your heart. I want you to believe for the sake of those that would celebrate your accomplishments with you.

Don't hesitate anymore because you're not sure what you're about to do will succeed. I want you to start setting your sights higher and imagine the fact that you are going to develop the dreams of others because you have learned to make your own dreams a reality.

If I may indulge your imagination one more time... Please allow me to ask one more hypothetical question. Okay? If you were to achieve an incredible amount of financial success, who's lives would be infinitely affected? Are there people you would like to help? Are there places that could benefit from the work you would do to make improvements? These are all triggers to get you to another level of conscious responsibility.

It is my belief that we have the moral obligation to be the best we can be for the sake of others. Good people with good ideas should be successful because they will be the agents of change made possible by their success.

Alvin Curren,
World Travel Entrepreneur

You can quote me on that...

I hope that what I have shared gives you some inspiration and you get some real life benefits from the gifts I give. And I want to give you one more golden nugget that I got from a very accomplished millionaire marketing genius.

Mark Hoverson,Marketing Leader

There is no such thing as a million dollar idea, only million dollar execution. Mark Hoverson

Well, execution is exactly what this program helps you do. The simple to follow training guides have short written instructions and screen shots for easier understanding. At the end of each level, your progress will be verified by a check list form that you must complete and submit to me before moving on to the next level. There is no use downloading training course after training course without actually implementing the program. This program is designed specifically to prevent continuing in non-action taking non-productive activities.

Now if the things that I have shared with you in this post resonate with your heart, you are someone I want to work with. The qualifying prerequisite to do that is the application showing you have what it takes, or opt to join my team as a vested member. Then you can take my proposition to work with me personally as a team player for free.

  Get To Know Me Better With A Short Story Of My Entrepreneur Journey 

I want to share a little more about me personally. I understand people do business with people they know. And this will help you get to know me better.

It was November 2008. I had just come out of a long battle for freedom from an Internet predator that had turned my world upside down.

…a scam artist of the worst kind… She had set me up and I went to jail. So it took two long years of court battles and incompetent lawyers to finally get an annulment for marriage fraud and all the false charges expunged from my record.

The recession had come early and hard to the Oklahoma housing market. I’m a rough-in frame carpenter by trade. The home builders I had been working for saw it coming and quit building. So I knew I needed to make a change in direction. The Internet looked to me like a goldmine. But not having the tech skills or experience in marketing I struck out to find someone I could outsource the building of a website system I had come up with. Well, after a few months the developer skipped out with the money and I had a non-functional piece of a website. …Scammed again…

I decided to study and learn to do it all myself. I figured, if I can build a whole house out of wood, I can surely figure out how to build an Internet business. I’m not too stupid, right?

Fast forward to the Summer of 2012: Struggled and learned the basic skills to create a functional Internet marketing business. But, no steady construction work. Not enough funding, spent thousands of dollars on courses and software. Credit cards nearly maxed out.

After the long winter of little work and no exercise, I wasn’t feeling well. My heart had been hurting for a few weeks. The stress levels were off the charts. So on the 8th of July while my son, another helper and myself were doing a little patio cover add-on, I realized we didn’t have all the material we needed for the job. I made a list and headed for the lumber yard. But I never made it. I was losing feeling in my arms and my heart felt like it was being crushed. Those little baby aspirins weren’t doing their job… Instead of continuing to try to drive I pulled into a grocery store parking lot and went inside. I went in and laid on the floor and the manager called an ambulance. In just a few minutes I found myself being prepped for heart surgery. They said I needed a stint. In just 3 days and $65,000 later I was released to go home and rest.

  Then I knew I had to get this Internet business thing to work for me. I’ve just had a near death experience and my life long career was no longer a viable option because of my health situation.

August 3rd, 2012; It had been just a few weeks out of the hospital. Here in Oklahoma we had been under three years of extreme drought and a record heat wave. My property was dry and the wind was gusting to 40 MPH out of the south. I decide to go into town where I could find a good Internet connection and work on my business. On my way out, I noticed some smoke off in the distance. Just a couple of small columns that didn’t amount to much. They looked to be about a mile or two away so I think to myself, the local volunteer fire department will knock those out in no time. My place will be safe…

As I sat at Chick-fil-A in town working online, I see off in the distance, the 15 miles out to the east where my property is. That column of smoke had grown into a massive three mile wide towering inferno with a pyrocumulonimbus thundercloud capping it. It was surreal. It was like I was in a dream, a nightmare, watching all I had being consumed at a distance. Our home, land, animals, all our worldly possessions, all we owned going up in flames in a single day. We had no insurance, I was out of work, no savings, homeless…

We were three, my teenage daughter, boomerang son and myself. They had both gone to work early that morning. So luckily no one was home. But the dogs were left behind. There was no way to go back in after them…

Over 350 homes, a neighbor’s life and thousands of acres were lost in that wildfire in the summer of 2012. It was ruled as arson. Some fool had set fire to the woods a couple of miles south of our home along the side of the road in about four different places. So there I was, not knowing where to go. I couldn’t go “home.” I didn’t have one.

Although it took three more days before we were allowed back in to confirm our losses, I knew. Just sitting there watching the smoke rise in the east, I had a feeling…

We all went different directions, different relatives took us in for temporary shelter. That is when my couch surfing life began. All I had was the clothes on my back, my laptop and my old pickup truck. No more lawn to mow, no more trees to trim and no more house to fix. We got some basic essentials from the Red Cross and a couple of local churches and friends gave us a few clothes. I’m still wearing some of those donated clothes to this day.

I found myself at my sister’s RV storage building where they have a tiny efficiency apartment in the corner. She and her husband are traveling artists and are gone part of the year. Luckily they let me stay there a few weeks until they got back. But sitting alone there, pondering all my losses, failures and what would become of my life, I had a lot of time to pray and ask God how to go on. I asked, how can I become useful and profitable again. What should I do to not be a burden on others?

Finding your direction is one of the hardest things to do when you lose your momentum and your life goes into a tail spin. I knew what I wanted to do in general. And I had started a dozen different things already. It’s just that none of them were based on any definitive selection process or core personality matches. Everything I had tried to do was haphazard and started on a whim.

Until one day, my cousin had been asking me to watch a movie with her. I had been praying for answers like usual and the the next day I was going to go to her house to see the movie she had been bugging me about. But the day before that I got an epiphany. It started out as a set of principles. Then it morphed into a complete book. I ultimately titled it the “5 Divine Principles of Inevitable Success.” As I sat alone in my little room I began to write, as if by inspiration. It all came out in one single sitting.

The next day I went to my cousin’s house to see the movie. It was called “The Secret.” To my amazement the core principles that a lot of the witnesses in the movie had spoken about were what I had written about in my 5 Divine Principles To Inevitable Success book. Of course there are some differences but the basic message was the same: God had given me the keys to success and He had given it to many others before me. I was not alone! I wasn’t crazy! You get this book too.

There are certain things to get aligned in my mind, heart and life that would make success a forgone reality. Not just financial success either; the real satisfaction of life and true happiness kind of success is possible! More than possible though, “Inevitable!” One of the projects I had been working on before the revelation fit perfectly into the whole process. And it is not even optional to the process. It is a fundamental necessity to the process of success.

As a part of setting yourself up to become a true success, it becomes essential to discover exactly where you are and who you are in order to determine where you are going and how to get there.

Now I have developed a complete system designed to help anyone find their perfect niche. So if this world travel lifestyle and online marketing niche isn't right for you,  See Dream Catcher Code <===Here

My Innovation Break Through Course Included

I am still in the process of complete success, but one thing I have learned, and this is the most important part, I can help you discover how to find your perfect niche. It is the niche that you are meant to be in. It is the niche that will be your vehicle to success and happiness.

This system is based on principles that most entrepreneurs will ignore until they go in circles for months or years without any satisfaction. And by niche I don’t just mean a particular market. I mean that you will discover your role in the system, your place in life and the things you will find a joy to do. The rest of the things that need to be done you will learn how to delegate to others.

So if you would like to follow along with me on this journey, this is the place to begin.

In this program you get full access to all my products and training. But not just to learn from them, you get to have them to modify and sell as your own. You get your own ready made multiple businesses in a box.

  • You wont have to pick a niche, you get my niches
  • Don't worry about website design, clone what I've done
  • No products of your own? They're done for you already
  • I've solved the traffic issues too, you get my sources
  • What about marketing funnels? They're automated!
  • Need someone to work with? That's what I'm here for.

And here's the bottom line, until you get a mentor/partner, you'll bounce around like a ping pong ball from idea to idea, from product to product and from opportunity to opportunity. It doesn't matter how intelligent you are or how much skill you have. Everyone is the same. We all need someone to hold us accountable to the time we spend and priorities we set. Just look around at the most successful people. They all have multiple mentors and partners. Some even have a mentor for each area of their expertise and a different partner for each new venture. 

So now all you need to do is connect with me. Use the form below so I know you're open to work with me.​