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Are you so busy making a living you don't have time for life? This is the answer...

What would an extra $100 per day do for your travel budget? 

Look, I could be sitting in my home back in Oklahoma or I could be traveling the world, enjoying New Zealand, Australia or Indonesia. There isn't a lot of difference in the cost. So why don't more people do this? Two main reasons: One is a lack of faith or in other words, fear. The other reason is being tied to a job that doesn't allow you the freedom to leave. Another is because they simply don't know it's possible.

But, if you had just an extra $50 per day coming in on average, from an online source, you could do what I do. Some places I can stay for free, swap services for accommodations or stay for very cheap. These are the most beautiful places in the world and where most people wish they where. So why shouldn't we just do it?

This was my "office" window view from my lodge in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand!

How To Become A World Travel Entrepreneur

Rather than making money just for making money's sake, the BIG IDEA is to begin with the end goal in mind. I believe most people want to have financial freedom and time freedom so they can travel the world. People save and invest all their lives just to spend the last few years traveling. But you don't have to wait for retirement to enjoy a lifestyle of world travel. Because that is exactly what this system is designed to help you do. Now you can put that travel, freedom and lifestyle business goal front and center of your business planning process.

Do you have an end game? I mean do you know what your ultimate goal is?

Everyone should have a pretty clear idea about how they would be living and what they would be doing if they were to reach the pinnacle of financial and life success where freedom is the rule. Have you ever considered how your "end game" might look? You should do that, because it's easier than you might imagine.

What your end game looks like is the first thing you need to decide. And so let's map it out. If you make your ultimate life situation Point B on your life map, then get a complete understanding of where you are now and make that your Point A. Then you need to develop a realistic strategy to go from Point A, where you are now to Point B, where you want to be. Now write that down. Tell people about it. Post pictures of what it looks like. Work with and network with other like minded people that can help you get there.

But then of course, on that path between Point A and B you should Live, laugh, love, travel, do things that scare you, eat, swim, fish, walk, fly! Have babies, get married... Whatever you do... you can't truly enjoy life if you're just working all the time.

Be sure to give yourself time to do things you want and enjoy because that is just living life to the fullest. The weekend should be reserved for spiritual rejuvenation, family, personal meditation, on planning the rest of the week, catching up on reading / training and rest. It's relaxing and rejuvenating to not think or talk business for at least one day a week. A wise man once said you will lose more than you make by working 7 days a week. You need a balance, work effectively, efficiently Plan things out.

Make that your Point B. Imagine that kind of life and make it your end game. Still not sure what your passion is? We can help...

What would you like to do if money were no object? See WHY you should forget the money...

Here is my own example. I took a screen shot of my Trello dashboard when I first started my own strategic planning process. Trello is an online planning and management system we use to keep track of everything and stay organized.​

~Take My Complete Lifestyle Business Blueprint~

Now let me share something that can add a lot more income onto your bottom line and let you stop trading time for money.

I bet you've heard the marketing jargon, "the money is in the list..." And, "the fortune is in the follow up..." And, "the riches are in the niches.".. But have you ever heard, "the Rest is in the Residuals?" Well, it's all true.

All that means is that if you had secure, residual income, you could take the time off to enjoy the money you make. And just think if you have a deeper marketing funnel that has a broader entrance, yet the ability to precisely target multiple markets and offer multiple front end and back end products, services and opportunities, you can make a lot more money. And now imagine if you could plug another back end marketing funnel into your own current offers that would grow your lifetime customer value exponentially and perpetually. This is called funnel stacking. But I can't get into all that right now. More on that later...

And what's even more incredible is, what if you could do it by building a new personal buyers list of just over 20 more people? Think about that for a minute. By adding one more back end marketing funnel onto what you are already doing, you can explode your funnel value by exponential factors. But before you go jumping off into this deal, I need to warn you, it comes with some serious responsibility. I'm sure you've heard that "with great power comes great responsibility."

Well, this kind of marketing funnel has more potential power than anything you have ever seen. And if you don't handle it responsibly, it could do a lot of harm. In the wrong hands this could be used for evil and exploitation. What I mean is, if you were to build an initial buyers list far beyond the recommended number of people without properly preparing all of those buyers to implement what they learn, it would cause a lot of grief. And nobody wants a lot of grief.

So if you do take me up on this offer, you would have to agree to take full responsibility for those new clients. And really, by having just a few strategically chosen new clients successfully following your guidance in this venture, you would never have to work another day in your life, if you didn't want to...

That's what I have for you today. I want to give you my own replicable marketing funnel to plug into what you're already doing to build another tiny list of buyers that you actually show how to repeat this same process. But in counting the clients, you wont count the ones that don't immediately implement the process themselves. Even a week of no action will count them out.

Okay, are you ready to see this new marketing funnel for yourself? Don't worry, I'm not charging you to get access to the funnel. You could even take the whole concept and everything if you wanted to and completely rip me off. But first, let me ask you a question. Can you do what you have just seen me do? Can you put up an inexpensive or free front end offer, drive traffic to it with passive and active marketing strategies and then post a short video or  written presentation on an up-sell page?

Now let me ask you another question.

Say you did build this tiny list of active motivated buyers and you never had to work again in your life, what is one of the first things you would do with all your spare time? Would you travel?

Is that something that's on your agenda for when you're financially free and have all the time you want? I bet it is. Because that's what almost everyone says... And if that's what you said, this offer is going to be especially attractive to you. Just think about it.

In just a few weeks from now you could have all the time and money you'll ever need coming in on a regular basis. Time is the biggest issue here. It's easy to make quick money. But it's not a perpetual stream of residual income...

With this simple funnel in place, you're going to have all the time and money you need to do what ever you want. Then all you'll need to do is prepare for that scenario. So let's go through with it. Let's make that scenario a reality. Just take my funnel, my business model and your experience and add it onto the back end of your current online products or services.

 Why does anyone want to make money online? Do we teach "Internet Marketing" just for the sake of making money?
No, we sell the dream, the lifestyle, and that is what this is all about, living the dream.

And more than that, let's build a legacy business using a concept I call L.A.S.T.S.

Because we want to build a sustainable enterprise that grows and lasts, even for generations after we are gone, we need to use principles that are ageless and potent. That is how you build a legacy project.

What is LASTS? Each letter stands for a core commitment to do each day. They also stand for the values and overall structure of an ethical enterprise.

So here's what they are:

Learn: Study to show yourself approved as competent.

Apply: Be a doer of the work, not just learning all the time.

Serve: Be the greatest leader by serving the most.

Teach: Teach what you've learned to others that will also teach.

Syndicate: Distribute value through the most efficient channels.

Learn what you want to do to serve others and teach them to do the same thing to share that value with the world.

By the way, do you know what most people say they would be doing if they never had to work again? Answer: Travel

And that was my answer too. So what will you do?

This online business marketing funnel can exponentially boost your income. If you are a savvy marketer, you will quickly see the potential to the offers available here on this site. Some offers you can give away for free, others you can sell at a 100% commission. This whole marketing funnel can be yours. And it just makes sense to incorporate your ultimate goals into your whole marketing process.

But what if you're not a savvy marketer? What if you don't already have your own online business set up and running like a well oiled machine? ...Not a problem. Let me help you get that done first. Then we can get you set up building your sustainable travel lifestyle business system just like this one. And this is the true definition of a paycation lifestyle.

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Hi, My name is Alvin Curren,
Let's get connected and see how we can work together as Marketing Partners so you can start a lifestyle business and discover a life of freedom a.s.a.p. My contact info is right here.


Please allow me to clarify something right here. I'm NOT talking about any one particular product, service or business opportunity. This is not associated with "Paycation Travel."

I am inviting you to join me in a freedom lifestyle revolution. And on my own journey, I have discovered a lot of different things that can help us along the way. So those are the things I want to recommend to you. When we combine forces, we have even more leverage and knowledge. Then we systematize the process so it can be replicated by others making us even more successful.
That way more people can enjoy this life of;

  • Time Freedom
  • Location Independence
  • Financial Freedom

Which all offers us a more abundant life experience...

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